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Your Path to a Rewarding Career in Precision Manufacturing

Learn more about Precision Manufacturing Apprenticeships

  • What is an Apprenticeship?
    Apprenticeship is a unique way to learn a skilled trade that combines on-the-job training with classroom instruction. As an apprentice, you'll work full-time and attend classes for three to four years, ultimately becoming a journeyperson machinist and well on your way to mastery of your trade. Apprenticeship is a commitment, requiring hard work and dedication from both you and your employer. Learn more about the benefits and responsibilities of an apprenticeship on our website.
  • Who Can Be an Apprentice?
    If you're 18 years or older, have a high school diploma or GED, and possess the aptitude and motivation to succeed, you're a potential candidate for our program. Whether you're a high school CTE student, aspiring engineer, or returning veteran, we welcome your interest in precision machining. If you're already working as a precision machinist, you can still apply and receive credit for your experience.
  • College-Bound? Apprenticeship is a Great Option!
    Apprenticeship is a great way to go to college, too. By completing a few additional classes, you can earn an associate degree and continue your education even further. By working while you learn, you'll not only avoid the burden of student loan debt, but you'll also become a more skilled and knowledgeable professional.
  • How to Get Started
    All applicants must be high school graduates or GED holders over the age of 18 and authorized to work in the United States. A minimum score of 70% on a 4-part mechanical aptitude test is required to be eligible for an apprenticeship. Pass the test and you'll be matched with available positions at precision manufacturing companies in your area and will have the opportunity to interview with the hiring company. Start your journey to a rewarding career in precision machining today!
  • Why Choose an Apprenticeship Program as Your Competitive Advantage?
    Manufacturing is booming as the economy recovers and companies are bringing jobs back to the US. However, the biggest challenge faced by manufacturers is finding skilled employees. With the rising costs of post-secondary education and crippling student loans, students and parents are seeking alternative career paths. This is where SKILL UP AZ’s Apprentice program comes in. Precision machining is not something that can be learned solely in a classroom setting. The best way to master this complex skill is through on-the-job training as a full-time employee, coupled with supporting classes. Our program is designed to build your future workforce and provide you with a competitive advantage.
  • What sets SKILL UP AZ’s program apart?
    For starters, we have a central administrator to take care of the reporting and tracking, making it accessible even for small companies. Our web-based reporting system makes it easy for both the apprentice and employer to track hours and training. Furthermore, our AZ Job Training Fund grants can help offset costs for small employers. We also market our program to CTE high schools, JTEDS, and the general public, and carefully screen and interview applicants to provide the best candidates. Before the first day on the job, apprentices receive NIMS Level 1 Safety Training.
  • As an employer, what is your commitment?
    You must designate an experienced employee as the trainer for two apprentices and pay for the "train the trainer" class. It is also important to rotate apprentices through different jobs to cover all competency areas for a particular job code. Hiring an apprentice is a long-term commitment, like a marriage, and should be entered into with the intention of making it permanent. Finally, you must require both apprentices and their trainers to report hours on our website.
  • How to Get Started
    Invest in your future workforce with SKILL UP AZ’s Apprentice program, and gain a competitive advantage. Reach out the the contact form to get vetted with us today!
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