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Unlock Your Potential in Precision Manufacturing
with Skill Up Arizona Scholarships

Up to $2,000 in Funding Available
to Support Your Career Dreams!

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The Skill Up Arizona Apprenticeship and Award Foundation, a subsidiary of the Arizona Tooling and Machining Association, is dedicated to supporting students pursuing a career in precision manufacturing. With a total of $10,000 in scholarships to be awarded in 2023, we aim to provide opportunities for education and apprenticeships to hone their skills.

Who Can Apply?

Scholarships ranging from $500 to $2000 will be offered to:

Image by John Schnobrich

High School Seniors

Who plan to attend a manufacturing-related program

Image by Josh Beech

Working Adults

Seeking technical training in skilled trades, including continuing education

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Employees of Arizona Precision Manufacturers

Who want to continue their career education

Steps to Apply

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Get Sponsored

 Secure sponsorship from an Arizona precision manufacturing company



Apply below for the scholarship!


Get Accepted

Show acceptance to a post-secondary educational institution or an accredited apprenticeship program in Arizona, and any scholarship funds awarded will pay the program directly. 

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